1. General information

Cookies are text files that are hosted on the visiting user’s terminal that contain certain information about his or her visit to the website. For more information about cookies, we offer the following links:

2. Blocking and removing cookies

As a general rule the web browsers they have various configuration options relating to cookies which let you change a number of privacy settings (so that, for example, all the cookies sent by a website such as this one are refused and those which may have already have been saved are deleted). To edit these settings, you can consult your web browser’s instructions or ask for help from the browser’s manufacturer.

In any case, the owner of this website has provided access to instructions for the most popular desktop and mobile device browsers here:

Should the user restrict or block some or all of the current website’s cookies, it is possible that some of the site’s functions or services would not be available.

3. Website cookies

Cookies from Google Analytics.

These cookies are served by Google as a result of the use by the owner of the site of a service called Google Analytics. This service collects different information about browsing, such as visitor location and visit details (time, pages visited, etc.). Besides the browser option to block cookies, users can use this add-on provided by Google itself to disable the Google Analytics service during their visit.

Technical Cookies from the Internet Platform.

These cookies are used by the website and are intended to allow the visit to the website.